Want to know what data brokers actually do?

Applications are loaded up with trackers that send your activities to data brokers. By gathering your area information, these data brokers approach strongly close to intensely personal details of your life and can undoubtedly fabricate a guide of wherever you go.

Data Brokers

Data brokers are partnerships that gather a colossal amounts of personally identifiable information (PII) and bundle everything together to make profiles.

Data Brokers

These data profiles are offered to promoters, snoopers, advertisers, managers, information mining companies, and enormous protection offices at powerful costs.

Data Brokers

These sorts of information specialists can utilize an individual's inquiry history to offer them high-interest advances as opposed to low-interest (safe) credits.

Data Brokers

The issue is that such danger relief characterizations might be founded on totally off base data, and in light of the fact that individuals are infrequently mindful of such data beingcollected, there's no basic cycle set up permitting them to get to the data, change, right, or delete it.

Data Brokers

These data profiles are offered to promoters, snoopers, advertisers, managers, information mining companies, and enormous protection offices at powerful costs.

Data Brokers

Data brokers freely collect and resell records with your personal information, spreading intimate details from one person to another. These companies know about you more than your friends, relatives or neighbors do.

Data Brokers

While their activity appears to be dark and untrustworthy, data brokers don't really source the information illegally.

Data Brokers

Rather, they may scan the web for freely accessible data about the clients from social media channels locales and get it from organizations who have gathered the information themselves.

How we help you to protect your Online Privacy from these Data brokers?

Your Spy Dog focus to eliminate client's data from list items, for example, name, dob/age, momentum and earlier locations, family members, and land records from information organizations and individuals search sites. We have faith morally justified to possess, oversee, and eliminate their own information. This is taken care of only utilizing a blend of each site's built up expulsion methods and legitimate requests. The entirety of our administrations is beneficial for you.

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How does Your Spy Dog work?

Our Experts scan 100+ client search sites

We show found records in your dashboard

We send programmed opt‑out demands for your sake safely, productively, and capably

Get a definite report in a week

We confirm if the records have been expelled

We expel your own data at regular intervals

Why removing your data is important?

  • Industries Observing

    Industries are observing your personal information and what you have interest in.

  • Brokers Eye

    The data brokers can ruin your privacy by keeping an eye on you.

  • illegal Actions

    These activities might drop down into illegal actions.

  • Private Information

    Your private information used by Marketers.

  • Not Having to Explain or Justify Oneself

    We may do a ton of things which, whenever decided from a remote place by others lacking total information or comprehension, may appear to be odd or humiliating or more regrettable.

  • Prevent data breaches that hurt organizations

    Associations that execute such controls will, subsequently, lessen the number of security episodes that bring about protection penetrates.

  • Control Over One’s Life

    Without knowing about what information is being utilized, how it is being utilized, the capacity to address and alter it, we are essentially defenceless in this day and age.

  • Spy Dog

    is going to protect you with cyber thieves, marketers, and Criminals by retrieving your personal information to you.

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Online Data Privacy Counter


86% of US citizens have attempted to somehow remove or decrease their digital footprint online.


16.7 million victims of identity fraud in the US during 2017


seven in 10 Americans feel less safe regarding their social media privacy


53% of online users are more concerned with internet privacy issues.


There are probably between 3500 and 4000 data broker companies that are keeping an eye on you

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